G2000@Great World

Standing around at G2k at Great World. Wasn’t really interested in the clothes as there was no sale on and I had a whole bunch of new shirts that I hadn’t worn yet.


Clothes Rack at G2000
Clothes Rack at G2000
Anyway on a totally unrelated sidenote, we bumped into quite a few people at Great World – my cousing + GF, ZJ, and JSBB. I always thought it was an unhappening place… Maybe it is…Guess me and my frie

The shuttle bus shock

Boarded the shuttle bus to head back to work. Me and my colleagues were shocked when the bus started to go by a different route and we began wondering if we boarded the wrong bus. Thankfully after a while it meandered back to the office by a different route. Think it was either a new driver or the bus company wanted to try a new route…