Are You Earning More Than Median Pay?

This link on IM$avvy gives a quick summary of the median wages grouped by age. Just by quick peek will let you know if you are among the top 50% of your age group or not…

If you get dismayed after checking, do note that if you are in the lower bound of the age group, you still have time on your side. However, if you are on the upper bound of the age group, then it might be due to being the “wrong” industry


India’s (Un)healthcare sector downfall?

Now that India has the ignominy of having a super-bacteria gene named after them — New Delhi, to be exact — one wonders if that spells the demise of the healthcare sector and its “medical tourism” industry.

It wasn’t too long ago that Fortis was looking to expand beyond their shores in their competition with Khazanah for the Parkway pie. Now, they might just need to concentrate a wee bit more on their home turf.

If you want to find out more about this new Indian bacteria gene that can potentially have fatal and devastating effects, there is this fairly new writeup on Wikipedia.

What does TBTF stand for?

Well, that’s a FLA (Four-Letter-Acronym) that came in vogue some time last year to represent “Too Big To Fail”. It was used particularly in the context of the TARP (another FLA: “Troubled Assets Relief Programme) coming into play for AIG because it was deemed its failure will have a cascading effect on the rest of the American — and possibly world — economy.

Now we have TBTF standing for “Too Big To Fall” as well. This article from Bloomberg is an interesting read on how the punishments can be disproportionate to the magnitude of the wrongdoing.

Directors in listed companies should be held to higher standards as they are responsible not only for the welfare of their staff and the company, but they are supposed to consider the interests of investors. Let’s hope that SGX-listed companies clean up their acts as there have been more than a few dodgy directors exposed in the media lately…