Are you ready to fly?

One of the nice things that my bunch of classmates used to do was that we would gather at the College of Physical Education (CPE to those in the know) and play basketball for the whole morning. After that intensive session, we would then adjourn to a nearby A&W’s, Macs or even the Ponderosa buffet to pig out.

BTW, the title of this blog entry is in reference to the title of the song I was listening to whenever I was on my way to the CPE.

10 ?”Hello world!”

I was 9 when I was introduced by Henry Teo to the world of computers. We went over to his place to play games on his monochrome Apple II PC, and from there, we proceeded to spend whole afternoons programming basic text games just for kicks.

I didn’t have a computer, so I had to write my code down on A4 papers and then type it all in when I was at his place…

Lunch-time exercise

One of the great flexibilities that my first job offered was that lunch-time was “flexible” to a certain extent, and a group of us in the same department decided to go for some exercise during lunch time at the company club to keep ourselves fit.

Most of the time, we could not fit our exercise routine within the one hour lunch time, but I suppose no one really minded since the bosses knew about it but never really brought up a case with us…