Management and Measurements

There’s a saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

It’s true in the sense that sometimes its very hard to get a grip on reality and the progress that a project has made unless you institute mini and major milestones for project members to keep track of.

Personally, I do not like to have “mammoth” project milestones where they appear on the project progress chart week after week. It can get quite demoralising at times for the project members involved in that milestone task and it may also make it difficult to explain progress to higher management. When managing projects, it will be better to cut the mammoth milestones into mini milestones so it will be easier to track progress as will as improve morale.

Man U triumph over Bayern for Champ’s League 1999

This was probably one of the sweetest memories that I had for Man U football. I was staying in a holiday flat with Esh and we (or rather I) woke up in the middle of the night to catch the match live.

If you are a footie fan, you should already know that Man U had lost its talismanic captain, Roy Keane, to suspension, and Bayern had the impenetrable Oliver Khan in goal. It seemed like a lost cause, especially when Man U were down by a goal with minutes of the game left to play.

Who would have thought that Man U would turn the game around in a matter of minutes and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat through 2 goals via Sheringham and Solskjaer? That was a feeling of pure exhiliration, although Esh did feel a bit sorry for the Bayern players as they cried on the pitch.

JL Disappointment

Rushing my way back to the car after John Little disappointed me greatly.

Specially went down to buy a car seat after Esh and I saw it yesterday. There was an ad stating that it was on 25% discount but when I checked today, the salesperson told me that the ad was just a reference for the car seat models and the discount was already long over.

Think this is a case of false advertising as there was no such disclaimer. Legally (AFAIK), they have no case if I decide to take this case up.

Haagen Dazs Visit

Brought L-A along although she couldn’t eat ice cream yet. She was quite well behaved. 🙂

Although it was more expensive to sit down in the store to eat ice cream than to order takeaway, I thought it was a better idea as I can’t imagine wrestling with an ice cream cone and L-A at the same time!

Haagen-Dazs spoon and serviette
Haagen-Dazs spoon and serviette