Your Face: A Window Into Your Health

It’s been said that the eyes are a window to the soul. Your face is also a window—by looking closely at your facial features, you can read details of your own health. Sometimes looking into the mirror may show something surprising, even unsettling. But how can you know whether a facial change is cause for concern or something harmless?

‘SQ117 owes me a glass of fresh milk’: The Singapore Airlines hijacking, 30 years on

SINGAPORE: Past 9pm on Mar 26, 1991 – 30 years ago to the day – three men were in various stages of winding down their evening.

Maybank manager Ong Cheng Sng had just settled into his aisle seat on Singapore Airlines flight 117 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Mr Ong, who was 44 at the time, had had a long day and had barely made it for his flight, but he was now looking forward to a glass of milk from the galley and finally getting home.

Study of 1.6 million people looks at the effects of income on our emotional well-being

They say money can’t buy you happiness — but it appears that making more of it makes you feel much better about yourself. 

A new study published in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion looks at how a person’s income influences their “self-regard emotions,” aka their pride, confidence, shame, etc.