Could something on Earth be so heavy that it causes the planet to move?


One good example is the construction of the Three Gorges Dam in China. Although the material of the dam itself has less effect, once full, it held back 39 billion tons of water (much heavier than the dam itself) from the Yangtze River to a surface height of 175 meters above sea level.

Six Reasons Active Funds Have Failed To Capitalise On Market Weakness

It is a long-held investment truism that active funds may struggle in frothy markets, but they deliver the goods at times of distress. They aren’t compelled to continue investing in companies who growth prospects are lacklustre simply because they are a large part of an index. They can be agile. Or so the story goes. 

Your Whole Company’s Microsoft Teams Data Could’ve Been Stolen With An ‘Evil GIF’

Tech giants are fighting to become the de facto videoconferencing tool for remote workers in the time of COVID-19. Zoom rose to the top fast, but thanks to various security and privacy issues, was pegged back by competitors. But rivals have their flaws too, as evidenced by a weakness discovered in Microsoft’s collaboration and videoconferencing tool Teams, as revealed on Monday.

Report: Digital Video Game Revenue Hit $10 Billion In March, Its Best Month Ever

As countries put in place lockdowns to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, people turned to video games in droves, pushing digital revenue to $10 billion and making March the best month ever for digital spending, according to Nielsen’s SuperData.