Funfair perverts

I was taking my shift at one of the games stalls set up by my JC class for the funfair when I overheard a comment shared between 2 guys who were patronising the stall: “Ay, let’s spend all our coupons at this stall and try to burst the water balloon. The girl is wearing a white T-shirt!”

I turned around and saw that the next classmate who was due for a turn under the water balloon was a female classmate who had unwisely chosen to wear a white T-shirt for our water-based game…

100 Pushups

After a PE lesson, I was unjustly punished by an Indian PE teacher for some reason (I can’t remember what now…) and he gave me a ridiculous punishment of doing 100 pushups before walking away.

Think it was the crazy adolescence hormones as well as pride (not to mention fury) that drove me to complete the 100 pushups simply because that teacher thought I could not do it. Although I managed to hold on to my pride, my arms did ache for quite a few days…


This incident happened in JC where a group of us were gathered in the canteen having our ice milos and just having a small gathering in between lessons. The moment we stood up to go, the grumpy old lady in the canteen shouted at us to remind us to pick up our cups. This was uncalled for as we always picked up after ourselves and never left any cutlery or utensils behind.

Unfortunately for us, the VP happened to be in the canteen at that time and he immediately thought the worst of us and sent us to the office to be dealt with. As we knew that we did nothing wrong, we had a standoff with the VP and things remained at a stalemate until our form teacher came to the office to vouch for us and we were allowed to leave.

Escape from VP

One day I sauntered to school after the first bell as I didn’t have any lessons in the morning. As I casually rounded a corner, I heard a voice behind me, “Boy! Come here!” That voice was instantly recognisable because the school VP had a slight nasal twang. Not wanting to get into trouble, I quickened my pace and took off on a run when I got around another corner.

That was a close one…


One of the biggest (and buggiest games) to hit my JC life was this game called “X-Com: Enemy Unknown”. If you haven’t played it before — and if you’re not in my age group then probably not — you don’t know what you’re missing. Maybe you can search on the Internet for the original version or one of those spinoffs with improved graphics and sound.

The role-playing element was excellent as well as the weapons/capabilities tree that expanded once you hire scientists and allocate them to various fields of research.

My group of friends spent loads of time with this game, and even though it was one of the buggiest games we ever played as DOS4GW would crash repeatedly, the great gameplay kept us coming back for more.