The 2.4 Miracle

Unfortunately, at this stage of my life, passing my IPPT was no longer a given. I had to suffer my first ever RT, but I must admit it was overall quite a good experience.

Thank goodness I could still pass my IPPT, but I barely cleared my 2.4km run because I came in with 0 seconds to spare and I actually had to confirm with the PTIs whether I had passed! :p

My first mobile phone

It was only in University that I bought my first mobile phone. It was a gray Siemens candybar phone with an antenna sticking out at the top corner. They have since exited the mobile phone market and I has a pretty good idea why: their customer service was disastrous!

I had to send in my phone for repairs one day as I dropped it and the plastic screen cracked. Unfortunately, their customer service centre was in some Kallang industrial estate and after examining my phone, they claimed that there were more problems with it and I needed to pay more money to repair it! To add insult to injury, when I said I just wanted to take my phone back, I found that the plastic casing was damaged as it was apparently forced open without using the proper tools…

Needless to say, I sent in a “strongly worded” complaint letter and I managed to get the repairs done for free. Think they have much to learn in terms of customer service…