Food Hunt

The Social Bonding Committee at my former workplace organised this fun event called a Food Hunt where we had to go to various eateries all around the island based on clues that we uncovered.

It took place on a weekend (which is a non-working day), but all who took part felt that it was a worthwhile way to spend the weekend as well as get to know fellow colleagues better.

Glad to say that my team played fair and square and actually consumed our food, while some other teams “cheated” and only took a few bites before wastefully leaving the food behind. Despite this, we just barely missed third place!

First notebook

Ever since I was in Primary School, I was always reading the PC Magazines that my mum got for me and I was greatly fascinated by the monochrome and plasma notebooks that were always featured as the latest and greatest in personal computing technology.

I was thus delirious with happiness when I got to Uni and there was a promotion by Toshiba to buy notebooks at cheap prices. The notebook I got weighed as much as a washing machine and I think it only had 32MB of RAM, but it was my first notebook nonetheless.

Now, I don’t know where it is and I suppose its somewhere either at my place or my mum’s place (where I left quite a bit of stuff). Hopefully, it is recalling and reliving its glory days as my hi-tech companion

The lonely hero

Can still remember the day vividly. The day that I had to report for National Service. Woke up early and grabbed a croissant wich from BK before taking a bus down to CMPB all by myself. Didn’t inform any friends and also convinced my parents that I was ok to go by myself.

It was quite unreal because I knew I was probably going to be away from civilised life as I know it, and that I was going to be surrounded by strangers. As I trudged out to the parade square, I happened to see a familiar face in the stands. Turns out that Island was also there to send her friend off.

It was kind of comforting to see a familiar face before getting on the bus that took me (and a bunch of other guys) away from CMPB.

Made it to the school soccer team

Through some strange fluke, I managed to make it to my JC soccer squad to play a friendly against a Japanese school that came to pay us a visit. Maybe my skills were better than I thought or everyone else was shite.

Anyway, my outstanding contributions during the game was an outrageous backheel flick-pass in midfield, as well as a through ball that was too heavy and easily cleared by the keeper.

What’s my name in Chinese???

My first Chinese lesson didn’t turn out too well and probably set the pattern for the rest of my life. Everyone was made to go to the blackboard one-by-one to write out their names in Chinese for the teacher to see.

Well… I didn’t know how to write my name in Chinese, and the incredulity of the Chinese teacher made me so embarassed that it probably set in stone my attitude towards the language for my life.

Its easier to blame my Primary One teacher than to say my Chinese sucks… :p

Writing 4 in Chinese

Even when I was  in kindergarten I was already “kay kiang”…

We were being taught Mandarin in classes and we had to learn how to write numbers. One, two and three were written as one, two and three horizontal lines, so I thought it was a cinch and decided to do some advance homework.

Apparently, “four” written in Mandarin was not four horizontal lines… 🙁