Half-naked inventory check

The first day of being Recruit Tan was “interesting”. First of all, I had to go to this strange place where I got kitted out with the latest and greatest in army wear, then I had to go on a depressing boat ride with my fellow recruits to an island (and to add to the misery, it had to rain. Did I mention there was no shelter on the boat?). Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…

After getting off the boat and the subsequent short trip on a green army truck, we were ushered to a parade square illuminated by a number of spotlights. All of us had to organise ourselves in neat rows and place our new army equipment in front of us. Then we had to perform an inventory check…

Everytime our army instructors raised an item, we had to verify that we had the item and that it could fit. So you can imagine that when they raised the camouflaged shirt and trousers, all of us recruits had to take off our clothes and get familiar with one another’s undies. There were a few sniggers going around as various types of underwear were revealed: “holey” underwear, undies in funky colours, funny boxers, etc.

Bad day to go late to school

I seldom go late to school, but I really chose a bad time to go to school late for the first time (in JC life).

Over the weekend, my entire class was busy with running our funfair stall and we were all tired. I was one of the last few to leave as me and few others were busy cleaning up the stall.

It doesn’t pay to do a good deed. I was so pooped that I woke up late the next day for assembly. Guess what happened? As punishment, we had to clean up the funfair aftermath for the whole school!

School Runner?

Probably not many people know this, but I represented my school at the National level for the 200m and 4x100m in both Primary and Secondary School. Didn’t have many trophies to show for my efforts though…

Anyway, I stopped running after Sec 2 due to a persistent tendinitis problem which required me to spray ethyl-chloride everytime after I ran.