Map of BTC legality around the world

BTC has been in the news for a while now and has sometimes been clouded by FUD and controversy.

However, there is now an interesting map done up by Coin Dance that shows the legality of BTC around the world. While I am unable to determine if the study can stand up to scrutiny, it can be used as a general reference.

And for those who are trying to land their mouse pointer on the small dot that is Singapore, the map indicates that BTC is legal. 🙂

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How WhatsApp fights spam without ever reading your messages

Have you ever wondered how WhatApp can fight spam if the app utilises End to End Encryption and the service providers are thus unable to access your messages?

Behavioural analysis is employed, and the article below gives details on how it’s done.

Skyfall in the real world

You may remember there was a James Bond film “Skyfall”, and now there is a real-life Russian Skyfall that is befitting a James Bond movie. Picture a nuclear power propelled missile that is able to fly for days to meander its way around air defences before striking its target!