Cost Plus Adventure

In the past, there was this cheap electronics shop called “Cost Plus” that sold all manners of gadgets at cheap prices. There was a branch at Holland Village, but a “mega-shop” located at Scotts Shopping Centre. When I was in Primary School, I loved to read their ads in the papers and occassionally I would spend my hard-earned money on some gadgets (walkie-talkies, key-chain with whistle-activated alarm, etc.)

One fine day, I decided to venture to the Scotts Shopping Centre branch in the morning (I was in the afternoon session) without informing anyone. I took the bus 200 down to Scotts and had a heavenly morning in Scotts surrounded by gadgets.

Satisfied, I took 200 back home, but as it went back by a different route, I panicked and alighted at the Redhill MRT station bus-stop, thinking I was lost and in deep trouble. Thankfully, on the next 200 that arrived, the bus driver was nice enough to tell me that the bus will eventually wind its way to my home’s bus stop. Whew!