The Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is a business metric that is sorely lacking in many organisations. Even if it exists, it might not be updated in a timely manner. However, credit should be given to the people in the PMO who valiantly try to get the PMs to update the Project Dashboard in an accurate and timely fashion.

In one of the places where I worked, the management tried to introduce a Project Dashboard through the use of a Knowledge Management tool. I must say that it was a very good effort as it immediately gave the HoD an idea of a project’s status via the green, amber and red indicators. Buy-in was an entirely different story as the people running the projects were already overloaded and could barely contend with their daily tasks and project tasks…

2 thoughts on “The Project Dashboard”

  1. Yup. The dashboard does look quite nice and it would be useful to track issues. However, I’m not so sure if it will be able to totally replace a PMIS like SharePoint or even perhaps Confluence…

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