The 2.4 Miracle

Unfortunately, at this stage of my life, passing my IPPT was no longer a given. I had to suffer my first ever RT, but I must admit it was overall quite a good experience.

Thank goodness I could still pass my IPPT, but I barely cleared my 2.4km run because I came in with 0 seconds to spare and I actually had to confirm with the PTIs whether I had passed! :p

Programming again

In the course of my work, due to a lack of programming resources here in Singapore, I had to do some programming myself. There was a request from one of the management staff to come up with something in VBA for use in conjunction with MS Access. Although I did manage to come up with the small application, neither the effort nor the application was fully appreciated.

Thank goodness I have programming in my blood and I still enjoy the small programming exercise…

The Freudian Slip?

There was one day at work when we had some visitors from other countries coming to the office. There was this particular guy from the African continent who was exceptionally tall and he towered over everyone else.

One of the girls in office may have made a Freudian slip when describing him as “tall, dark and long”. There was an awkward silence before laughter burst out as she realised her gaffe and tried to explain that she just wanted to emphasise his height.

Notebook Post-Mortem

It was sometime back that I went on a tirade against a company (sounds like “aged pee”) for their abysmal quality in notebooks and you might have wondered what I have done with the notebook since then.

Well, even though they acknowledged that there were critical engineering and quality issues with that line of notebooks, they were willing to let me trade it in for about 10% of its value so I could purchase another piece of junk that they pass off for a notebook. Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, go and die.

Rather than throw good money after bad (which is what I told the person), I dismantled the entire notebook in a futile attempt to see if anything else other than the RAM and HDD could be salvaged.

The wii

I have a wii at home. Currently its sitting there gathering dust along with the balance board. We used to have a lot of fun as well as getting some exercise while playing it.

Now? Esh and I get more fun and even more exercise playing with L-A. It’s tiring, I tell you! Maybe when L-A grows up and is ready for the world of video games, I’ll dust it off and challenge her to a game of wii Tennis.

Mismanaged Portfolio

This actually happened to me quite a while back but it should serve as a lesson for managing your own investment portfolio.

Although “buy and hold” is a viable investment strategy, it does not mean that you can just “buy and forget about it”. After a loooong time, I decided to take a look at my stock portfolio and I was wondering why I could not find any prices for some of my stocks!

I thought I was the victim of some scam or maybe the company had gone bankrupt! Thankfully, that was not the case. After digging through filings with the SGX, I found out that some companies had changed their names, some were privatised and delisted (I had already received the payoff and I didn’t realise it!). So please, take an active interest in your investment portfolio even if you are a person who buys and holds…