Art Class

One day my mum decided to sign me up for Art Class at Yamaha. I went for my first class and was told by the instructor to draw a beach scene. I quickly drew a coconut tree and peeked at the works of others.

My drawing was terrible compared to the rest of the class and I promptly got out of the class and dissuaded my mum from thinking that I had any artistic inclinations.

I never went back and now I wonder if my mum got a refund…

Multi-Coloured Walls

I wasn’t very creative when I was young and my idea of making something pleasing to the eyes was to use whatever I had available.

When I had this assignment to colour in a picture of a wooden house made of planks, I coloured each and every plank a different colour, making use of all the colour pencils I had at my dispense in the kindergarten.

Teacher’s comment: “Lionel, your picture is very… colourful”

Leisure World Cruise

There was a promotion for a cruise while I was still schooling in University. It seemed like a good deal as it was only about $30 for a 2D1N cruise!

Esh, Bern, Em and I signed up for the cruise just for the heck of it. We had to take a ferry boat to the middle of nowhere before we disembarked on to a dock and transferred to the cruise ship.

The activities on the ship were minimal as it was targeted mainly at gamblers, but it was a cheap and good way to get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore life and just eat and relax.