Pork Ribs

I love pork ribs, and I normally have no problems polishing off a plate of them. Unfortunately, today on Oz Day 2009, I met my match.

Unc Nick brought FIL, Esh, 7th Aunt and myself to a club in Sydney. I ordered a rack of ribs, but what came was a rack of ribs from some mutant pig!. The ribs were stacked on top of a pile of potato wedges!

I finished off most of the ribs, save one. Quite a large pile of potato wedges was left behind though…

Back from trail walk

Just came back from a walk in the park with Uncle Nick. Apparently a walk in the park in Australia is no “walk in the park.”

Here I was, expecting things to be like MacRitchie Reservoir but in reality it was more like army training where we had to navigate through uneven terrain along rock strewn paths.

Managed to keep up (barely) with Uncle Nick and we managed to reach back home before dark. I wasn’t keen on being featured in an episode of “I shouldn’t be alive.”


Plane flew off late from SG and as a result we landed late in Brisbane, where we had to catch a connecting flight to Sydney.

We made a mad rush to the domestic terminal from the international terminal (the half hour wait for the terminal shuttle train didn’t help much) and we were able to catch our flight.

Unfortunately, as we found out later, our luggage did not catch the same flight as us and had to be sent to Esh’s auntie’s place about 7 hours later. Late, but not late enough to claim insurance…

Adventure Learning

In my previous workplace, there was an Adventure Learning programme where all new recruits had to go for a team building session and go through some team challenge games together.

Think it was a good idea as it brought together people of different ages and departments who may otherwise never have interacted.

I have some pics in my public Flickr Adventure Learning album that you can check out.


Morning PT at PT

One of the most demoralising events during my BMT was the morning run for our Physical Training. In fact, I think its probably the “lowlight” for most recruits in Pulau Tekong.

Imagine that you have just been uprooted from the comforts of your home and plonked into the strict regimentation of the army. Then imagine having to run near the coast of Pulau Tekong every morning with the lights of “mainland” Singapore twinkling silently in the far horizon.

So near but yet so far…