Broke my leg

No, I didn’t just break my leg, so don’t worry. This is an autobio entry for my time in kindergarten when I broke my leg while on a swing. If you feel squeamish, then maybe you shouldn’t read on.

It was an ordinary day when a few of us got on a garden swing that could seat about 8 of us. As we were swinging away happily, our teacher called for us to go back in for classes. I stuck out my leg to stop the swing and then I heard a loud ‘crack’!

Turned out I cracked my shin and had to have my leg in a cast for a few months. Putting the cast on was fun but it was pretty scary when the doctor had to remove the cast with a buzzsaw!

First work treat at Imperium

When I got my first paycheck, it was apparently a “tradition” to give a treat to the colleagues. As A.N. just joined shortly after me and KR owed them a treat even though it was already way beyond his first month paycheck.

We went to this restaurant at Taka that was under the Tung Lok banner. I can remember that everyone had a great time and the meal was quite nice. Too bad the restaurant is long gone…

University is fun

When I first got into Uni, there were some people who told me Uni was more fun, interesting and easier than any part of my educational life so far. I had some doubt about this viewpoint as things were only getting tougher and tougher from Primary to Secondary to JC.

However, it turns out that those people were right and Uni was truly more fun because I got to pursue the subjects I were interested in. So to those who have any apprehension about Uni, don’t worry too much.