Funfair perverts

I was taking my shift at one of the games stalls set up by my JC class for the funfair when I overheard a comment shared between 2 guys who were patronising the stall: “Ay, let’s spend all our coupons at this stall and try to burst the water balloon. The girl is wearing a white T-shirt!”

I turned around and saw that the next classmate who was due for a turn under the water balloon was a female classmate who had unwisely chosen to wear a white T-shirt for our water-based game…

The one that didn’t get away

If there’s anything I dislike, it’s being wronged for something I didn’t do, or people trying to pull a fast one on me.

When I was a prefect in Secondary School, we were not allowed to bring food and drinks back to our classrooms. I spotted this guy trying to sneak a drink and I nicely told him to consume the drink in the canteen. He went back to the canteen and I later happened to spot him attempting to leave the canteen by a different route.

Being sufficiently annoyed, I tracked him to his classroom and promptly booked him for that “offence”. He was similarly annoyed that I actually bothered to track him down. Well, I was just doing my job that day…

New football incident involving Ronaldinho also highlights office politics!

Ronaldinho gets some attention from a pitch invader but a red-shirted security guy has control of the situation and escorts the invader off the pitch using a bear-hug. Just as the both of them are about to step off the pitch, another red-shirted guy runs onto the pitch and uses unnecessary roughness to subdue the already subdued invader.

So there, you have it, an actual video of a person rushing in to claim some credit when someone else has already done all the hard work!