Setting this image as wallpaper could soft-brick your phone

Here’s a cool and a bit scary story for you this Sunday morning.

Simply setting this image as wallpaper on your phone could cause it to crash and become unable to boot.

The issue was reported by well-known leaker Ice Universe on Twitter and confirmed by dozens of other users.

Chemists Explain Crucial Difference Between Cold Brew and Hot Coffee

Most snobby coffee connoisseurs already know: Not all coffee is created equal. But a team of chemists in Philadelphia suggests that from a chemical perspective, there’s one type of brew that may deliver one of the drink’s more crucial health benefits more effectively.

Are negative interest rates coming for the US? Here’s what investors should know about it.

With interest rates kissing the zero-bound and market participants briefly pricing in negative fed funds rate in early 2021, the possibility of negative rates reaching the US financial shores is building. In this article, we discussed the possibility of NIRP, its investment implications, the outlook for interest rates and how to position for it.

Wait, So How Much of the Ocean Is Actually Fished?

How much of the world’s oceans are affected by fishing? In February 2018, a team of scientists led by David Kroodsma from the Global Fishing Watch published a paper that put the figure at 55 percent—an area four times larger than that covered by land-based agriculture. The paper was widely covered, with several outlets leading with the eye-popping stat that “half the world’s oceans [are] now fished industrially.”

The Rise and Fall of the Bombshell Bandit

Sandeep Kaur pulled on a wig and adjusted her designer sunglasses in her rear-view mirror. June 6, 2014 was a typically sunny afternoon in California’s Santa Clarita Valley and a quiet one, except for the screams of passengers on a nearby roller coaster. Thirty-eight miles northwest of Los Angeles, the First Bank sits in a hamlet of Spanish-style shops just off Magic Mountain Parkway. The busy road leads to Six Flags, a theme park billed as the Thrill Capital of the World.

Forget “Earth-Like”—We’ll First Find Aliens on Eyeball Planets

Imagine a habitable planet orbiting a distant star. You’re probably picturing a variation of Earth. Maybe it’s a little cloudier, or covered in oceans. Maybe the mountains are a little higher. Maybe the trees are red instead of green. Maybe there are scantily clad natives…OK, let’s stop there.