Are negative interest rates coming for the US? Here’s what investors should know about it.

With interest rates kissing the zero-bound and market participants briefly pricing in negative fed funds rate in early 2021, the possibility of negative rates reaching the US financial shores is building. In this article, we discussed the possibility of NIRP, its investment implications, the outlook for interest rates and how to position for it.

Latin America equities have fallen by close to -50% this year. Are they worth the bargain now?

Latin America has been one of the biggest losers this year so far, as the region struggles helplessly with the Covid-19 crisis. Brazil, the largest economy within the region, has been on the headlines recently for the wrong reasons – President Bolsonaro stubbornly refuses to exercise proper quarantine measures. In this article, we take a closer look at the region, to determine if they are worth the bargain.