Finally got a work notebook

For some strange reason, I only got a notebook for work purposes in my second job. I think in this day and age, a notebook is more practical than a workstation unless you really require some high technical specifications that a notebook cannot support easily or cheaply.

Think I have been more productive toting a notebook around for meetings. Beats carrying a paper notebook to take notes then transferring it to my PC…

Chewy Hacked

One night, me and my team were doing our project work in the NUS Science CBLC when I got bored and decided to play a trick on one of my team members, Chewy.

When she left for the restroom, I unplugged her keyboard and plugged mine in (I was sitting in front of her with my back facing her). This meant that her keyboard was “dead” and whatever she typed couldn’t appear on screen.

Upon coming back from the loo, she tried to continue her work but soon she started complaining to us that her PC had hung. I then started typing stuff:


“You are hacked! I am hacker!” She was shocked and then starting asking us for help.

“You are pretty girl” Then she was wondering how the “hacker” could see her. At this point, the rest of the team broke out in laughter and the game was up.