3 thoughts on “The Rabbit Proof Fence”

  1. …. That’s a dumb history. Yes, interesting fence, but really, “Let’s build a fence to keep the cute fuzzy wuzzy wabbits out”….?

    1. Well, rabbits do have an ability to reproduce extremely quickly and they were not considered native to the Oz ecosystem so they were causing lots of damage.

      I suppose its similar to the Great Wall of China except that the Great Wall was meant to keep out human invaders.

  2. Yeah, and neither worked particularly well…

    Rabbits burrow, for crying out loud.. whatever made them think a piddy little fence would make those rodents stay out?

    “Oh Mr. Immigrant Wabbit, please kindly observe our rules on migrant beings and stay on that side of the fence, would you? That would be very nice of you.”

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