Mutant Mango

You know how it is in those comic book stories where the soon-to-be superhero comes into contact with some strange thing and then gets his superpowers? You know, Spiderman got bitten by a radioactive spider, Flash got struck by lightning while he was in his lab, etc.

I ate this mango (pictured below) a while back but I haven’t turned into MangoMan yet…

Strange shopping

There was once I dreamt that I was with Esh and we were looking for something in a whole series of shops. I’m not talking about shopping centre shops but shops like those provision shops you see at the ground level of HDB flats.

Think they looked similar to those shops I came across when I was exploring the area near Derricks Toa Payoh home.

Bible pub

Decided to record down some of my dreams. Some of them can be really surreal…

This is the basic plot for my dream

Read a verse from Psalms in the bible, following which I got on a bus with Esh. While riding on the bus, she requested me to tell her a story. I then met Adrian Heng’s brother on the bus and I recommended him to go to a pub at some condo…