Albania’s European Dream Is Just Out of Reach

The Albanian village of Shishtavec, near the rugged mountains that mark the border with Kosovo, is in the poorest corner of one of Europe’s poorest countries. Locals here bond over complaints about corruption and stories of relatives building their futures in Western Europe. There’s something else they share: a dream that one day they, too, will be allowed to integrate with the rest of the continent.

“Everyone, even small kids, say they want to join the European Union,” says 34-year-old Rakan, a farmer who speaks a little English, as well as Albanian, Bulgarian, and some German. “But it’s impossible because too much has to change.”You’re browsing incognito.Subscribe to continue reading in incognito mode.

WHO unsure antibodies protect against COVID, little sign of herd immunity

GENEVA – The World Health Organization is not sure whether the presence of antibodies in blood gives full protection against reinfection with the new coronavirus, Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, told a briefing on Friday.

Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going

The news, when it reached the Grand Princess early on March 4, barely registered at first. In a letter slipped under passenger cabin doors, Grant Tarling, Carnival Corp.’s chief medical officer, announced that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control had begun “investigating a small cluster” of Covid-19 cases in California that might have been linked to the ship. Thirteen days after leaving San Francisco for Hawaii, the vessel would be skipping a scheduled stop in Mexico on its return voyage and sailing back early to its Bay Area port.

How two US cities responded to the 1918 flu pandemic very differently — and what we can learn from those mistakes

Philadelphia and St. Louis were both hit by the flu outbreak of 1918-19, but one city suffered a death rate of approximately 358 per 100,000 people, whereas the other suffered 748 deaths per 100,000.

China increases Wuhan’s COVID-19 death toll by 50%