The case of rice weevils

When I was young I was always fascinated by rice weevils, otherwise known as “bee gus”. Being the curious sort, I caught a few from the sack of rice and kept them in a clear case that used to contain Hello Kitty chops (They belonged to my sis. Really!). Of course, being the humanitarian sort, I also left some rice inside.

As you know, children have very short attention spans, and I was no different. I promptly forgot about my collection of rice weevils until months later. I chanced upon it again and I was shocked to find that the rice weevils were still alive, but most of the rice had already been turned into some sort of powder. Cool…

BTW, around that age, I also did some experiments on rice weevils by keeping them in the freezer for longer and longer periods of time to see how long they could withstand the cold. They’re pretty resilient and go into some sort of hibernate mode when you take them out from the freezer. After warming up for a while, they would start moving again.

One thought on “The case of rice weevils”

  1. Cool. That’s interesting piece of knowledge.
    Nowadays weevils are much harder to find. Is it because I don’t get to cook the rice nowadays? 😛

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