Food Terrorists in China

Food terrorism has got to stop. Fake food is a terrible thing to do, and unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous individuals and businesses who take advantage of this basic human need. Capitalism has seriously reared its ugly head when people’s lives are risked for the sake of earning a buck. I do not wish ill upon those who have profited from their sick and twisted dealings, but I hope that their conscience will strike them. Hard.

Note that I did not specifically mention that Chinese were the culprits. Without having any first hand information myself, it might even be the case that the Chinese are the victims of some inept or unethical overseas management! Who is to say that some big-shot manager from outside of China did not force the Chinese factory into adding melamine to their food products? Until investigations are complete, 三鹿 should be assumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

Being a parent myself, I can understand the anguish and turmoil that the Chinese parents are facing. Regardless of whose fault it is, the Chinese government should tighten up food safety laws and prevent people — their own citizens especially — from suffering due to the selfish motives of others. One death due to food poisoning is one unnecessary death to many.

4 thoughts on “Food Terrorists in China”

  1. This is also an extremely shocking news to me! Especially when my 2 girls are going over to Guangzhou in November to their grandparents place. Long ago, heard from my poly lecturer about some food company trying to add some chemicals used in shampoo into their food product… Now going buy all the necessities from here and bring them over to GZ for my girls over 2 months stay their… What is happening to this world???

  2. The love of money is the root of all evil.

    In my original post, I gave Sanlu the benefit of doubt. However, as they have released a public apology, that may be taken as an admission of guilt.

    I hope that whoever made the decision to include melamine in the baby milk powder will be brought to justice. Being a communist country, China has the “benefit” of implementing draconian measures to deter other would-be offenders. I recall that a health minister was actually executed for taking bribes because he endangered the lives of his fellow Chinese.

    Having said that, punishing the culprits now will not make the affected babies any better. I just hope that there will not be any further deaths or illnesses. I can imagine the sorrow of the Chinese parents especially when China has the “one-baby” policy.

  3. why must everything has a “-gate” behind?

    I dare not to eat my “white rabbit” caddy now… it was one of my childhood’s favourites…

  4. Well, if you’re interested, the one that started it all was the Watergate scandal. After that, any political scandal would have a “gate” attached behind. 🙂

    I also like to eat “white rabbit” (but shouldn’t it be “big white rabbit”? 😉 ) candy. Was a big part of my childhood as well. Loved the rice paper…

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