The woman with the face mask

Just saw someone walk by wearing a face mask. Think that’s actually quite considerate of her as it minimises infection and contamination.

On the same note, perhaps a special bell helmet can be created for smokers so that pollutants and carcinogens can be self-contained. Think everyone will be happy with this arrangement as non-smokers will get to enjoy fresh air (somewhat fresh air… something has to be done about vehicles…) while smokers will be able to smoke anytime and anywhere they want.

5 thoughts on “The woman with the face mask”

  1. Actually, when I read the bell helmet idea, I was thinking “Good, then they can inhale more of their smoke and die quicker..”

    They probably have a special corner of hell reserved for me. :/

  2. Well, that’s one way to look at it…

    Perhaps from an Economics perspective, everyone will be happier with the bell helmets since there will be positive marginal utility for the smoker as well as the non-smoker. (Theoretically at least. I think smoking your own second-hand smoke while donning a bell helmet might diminish the marginal utility from a cigarette somewhat)

  3. BTW, in case any smokers are reading this comment thread, I don’t have anything against smokers as long as they don’t inconvenience anyone. Think I’ll probably go apesh*t if someone smoked in front of my daughter.

  4. Another way of saying what you just said is “Go ahead and smoke.. just not within 200m of me.”


    It’s actually quite hard for an addicted smoker not to inconvenience someone, since cigarette smoke can be easily smelt by a sensitive nose for quite a distance. At high concentration it’s actually quite bad.

    Frankly, while each of us probably don’t have an issue with people choosing to smoke — hey, it’s your life, you’re free to cut it short if you want — I think the main objection is when smokers try to share/ force it with/ on other people who prefer to have nothing to do with tobacco.

    That’s probably why the bell jar is such a good idea. It’s just not quite practical.. maybe it’s time to come up with a smokeless cigarette, or some such.

  5. Actually I’m quite ok if a friend wants to smoke. As adults, he/she made the choice to smoke while I can also make the choice to request him not to smoke or move away. However, when it comes to non-adults (officially classified as under 18 by SG 😉 ), smokers should have the good sense not to light up in front of them.

    I’m not too sure if smokeless cigarettes will be well received, but I have to admit that smoke from cigarettes tends to create a nice moody cinematic effect.

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