One of the biggest (and buggiest games) to hit my JC life was this game called “X-Com: Enemy Unknown”. If you haven’t played it before — and if you’re not in my age group then probably not — you don’t know what you’re missing. Maybe you can search on the Internet for the original version or one of those spinoffs with improved graphics and sound.

The role-playing element was excellent as well as the weapons/capabilities tree that expanded once you hire scientists and allocate them to various fields of research.

My group of friends spent loads of time with this game, and even though it was one of the buggiest games we ever played as DOS4GW would crash repeatedly, the great gameplay kept us coming back for more.

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  1. Yeah! X-com was a bit tough in terms of user friendliness. It took some explantion from my friend before I started to enjoy it 🙂

    You played the master of orions before?

    1. Nope. Think my PC during JC days was quite low-powered. Some games I totally missed out, like the Mechwarrior series…

  2. UFO, heh.

    I like the tactical combat sequences but can’t get behind the strategic ops. (too much management for me..) There’s a TactOps only version as well as freeware UFO out there, you might want to search for it.

    MW is still available nowadays, in fact, a few years back it was MW that burnt out my comp….

    1. Yeah. The combat sequences were really fun. I didn’t know there was a version that just focussed on combat. I also wasn’t aware of a freeware UFO. Wonder if that is any good?

  3. The UFO is basically a port and extension.. as far as I can tell it’s about the same. Love the tactical-only game, since it’s what I want to play with.

    Heh, I remember there was once I hacked the files such that my laser rifles do massive amounts of damage. Only problem was, I overdid it, so my laser rifles/ pistols basically levelled the terrain….

  4. Oh yes, the good old days of game hacking when save game files were hex-edited and important values replaced with a string of “FF”s to max out life, damage, etc.

    Fun days…

  5. Actually, it wasn’t even a hexfile IIRC.. was a flatfile, just change some numbers and your laser rifle will bore a hole through a hill…

  6. That actually sounds like fun… I’m almost tempted to find a copy of X-COM just to try that out… :p

  7. Yeah, but you got to remember not to cluster your squaddies up when you FIBUA into the alien spaceships. Full auto overwatch fire with those “laser rifles” is frickin’ deadly to your own people…

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