I SAW, I conquered

Probably one of the best times I had in the armed forces was during section live firing when I was the SAW (Section Assault Weapon) gunner. It was really cool when I got to unload a whole magazine with the recoil of the SAW going crazy and I really had to grip it just to get my rounds to go in the general direction I was aiming at.

2 thoughts on “I SAW, I conquered”

  1. Heh, I think I recently just read an old article where they claim the SAW was actually more accurate than contemporary LMGs.

    100 round drum or 30 round STANAG mag?

  2. 30 round lah.

    Need to have a magazine change drill during Section Live Firing. Think my arms will be numb and my SAW barrel bent double if I had to empty a 100 round drum…

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