Jpg Program Problem

Back in University we were all supposed to work on this JPEG encoder/decoder program that could compress an image using a JPEG algorithm that we had to write ourselves.

I normally do not need help with my programs, but this very one time, no matter how much time I spent, I just couldn’t get it right. I tried till it was just minutes before the deadline and I had no choice but to get some serious help from LJ.

Thanks LJ! Never forgot that save…

2 thoughts on “Jpg Program Problem”

  1. Eh, me? Can’t remember what I did, but can remember that assignment…

    JPG compression is actually quite interesting. 😛

    But the most interesting in the course is the Michael Jackson B/W video thing. 😀

    1. Can’t remember any MJ video in the course. Are you sure its not another course you’re talking about?

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