Balls Story

In Primary School, I was called on to stand on the stage quite a few times. It was not because of any particular talent in the performing arts, but for my standout talent in being a nuisance in school (to the prefects and teachers)

Me and my classmates liked to play on the bleachers near the school compound, and we often had a game of football using one of those miniature foam soccer balls. In our fits of enthusiasm, we would often kick the ball hard and it would end up stuck on a slope. I would climb up the slope to retrieve the ball (since it was mine), and I would always promptly get caught by any prefects passing by as I was considered to be performing a dangerous act (by climbing a small slope???)

So once I got hauled up, I would be put up on stage as an exhibit to the other students. I thought it was an honour to be recognised to have the balls to retrieve my ball.

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