Ang Moh Conmen

Just because you’re talking to someone with an “ang moh” accent does not mean that you need to be cowed by him. After all, he might be nothing more than a petty thief…

Conmen seem to be taking this tact where they believe their accent is able to convince people into buying questionable investment products. I have already received 2 calls this year where they attempted to get me to invest in some “hot new thing”, but when I refused then they attempted some pressure tactic by throwing in some legalese and threatening to replay a previously recorded conversation to entrap me. Two times they tried this, two times I responded with an effective tactic: hanging up the phone.

Just remember one thing whenever you are approached by anyone to invest in something with your hard-earned money: if it is really such a hot, new thing, why do they need to hard-sell it to this extent?

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