Don’t bring your “work face” home

In American sports, some coaches require their players to up their intensity level in important games and “bring their game face”. Likewise in work, you might also adopt a persona in order to make things work smoother in the office. Or you might also be affected by some events at work that dampens your spirits.

By the law of averages, it is inevitable that you will face some issues in work that will probably upset you and it might unwittingly manifest itself passively or aggressively even after you have left the office and gone home. Furthermore, the chances of getting upset may increase depending on the industry you are involved in and the people you have to answer to.

Regardless of whether you had to answer to an immature alpha-male user who has a superiority complex, a supervisor who everyone knows is incompetent but continually attempts to pull the wool over people’s eyes, or a boss who is being manipulated, etc. Just forget about it once you step out of the office. Ultimately family is most important — just ask yourself, who do you think will visit you on a regular basis should something unfortunate happen to you and you end up in a long term stay in the hospital? Your boss, colleagues, friends? I would say the odds are strongly in favour of “family”… I suppose this posting is too late for the “Eat with Family” day, but it is never too late to show appreciation for your loved ones!

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