Is it wrong to read motherhood forums?

Not like there are many active forums for fatherhood and I’m just trying to find out some parenting tips for Lee-Ann…

However, it does feel strange to read about mummies and mummies-to-be discussing all the various “tactics” (doggy style, missionary, etc.) and advice about sex. Never knew Singapore women could be so open to other female strangers. Some of them even put up their photos as avatars.

Don’t think that wives will take it too kindly if men were to start a similar discussion forum. Men will probably get dirty looks and the site will be taken offline within days…

Driving at legal speed

I guess I’m one of those rare people who actually observe the legal speed limits on the roads in Singapore. When I drive on 3 lane roads, I’ll drive on the centre lane since the left lane is for the slow vehicles like the lorries and trucks, while the rightmost lane is for overtaking purposes only. (On a sidenote, it seems that many drivers in Singapore fail to remember the purpose of the overtaking lane: guess what? It’s for overtaking! Not driving)

I don’t actually feel guilty for making people overtake me because I’m driving at the legal speed, and I have to protect both my life and the lives of my passengers.

Maybe I should start a movement for all Singapore drivers to drive within the speed limits. Wonder if I’ll have better luck than the traffic police?

The Mummy 3

Haven’t been to the movie theatres for months, so it must be some kind of record for Esh and I to catch 2 movies in the cinemas over the past week.

We watched The Dark Knight at an IMAX theatre in Bangkok. Now we just finished watching The Mummy 3.


Mummy 3 is just an ok movie. Nothing spectacular if you ask me…

S$8M Toto

Esh bought some Toto tickets to try our luck at the S$8M Toto. Many 8’s involved in this Toto. 8th day of the 8th month of 2008 (I wanted to say eighth year of the millennium but technically that is 2007…)

Guess what? There were 8 winners of the prize, and I’m not one of them