20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

You make thousands of rational decisions every day — or so you think.

From what you’ll eat throughout the day to whether you should make a big career move, research suggests that there are a number of cognitive stumbling blocks that affect your behaviour, and they can prevent you from acting in your own best interests.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist says there have been 4 pandemics in the past 20 years — and crises will happen more frequently unless something changes about income inequality

Thomas Friedman is pretty much the expert on globalization. He’s authored books that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, he writes a column for the New York Times, and he’s won three Pulitzer Prizes for his deft observations on global unrest, international commerce, and the changing relationships of the world’s superpowers.

A young, fit nurse shared alarming before-and-after photos showing the impact the coronavirus had on his body

Mike Schultz, a 43-year-old nurse from San Francisco, is one of 38 people who contracted the novel coronavirus after attending the Winter Party Festival in South Beach Miami in early March.

‘The greatest disconnect in history’: An investor who called the coronavirus sell-off warns of 2 market crashes this year

Michael Gayed, an investor who called the coronavirus sell-off and recent stock rally, warned of two market crashes this year in a MarketWatch interview.