CEOs now earn 320 times more than average workers

Robert Reich, the U.S. Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, tweeted Tuesday: “Capitalism is off the rails.” That was in reaction to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), which found that the average CEO compensation in 2019 at one of America’s top 350 firms was $21.3 million, up by 14% from the year prior—and up 1,167% from 1978. A typical worker at one of these top companies now earns $67,000 per year.

Giving Facebook less data is a good idea. Even better: Just use it less

The past several months have served up many reasons to see Facebook as the antisocial network.

It lets political candidates lie in paid ads that they can then microtarget to the easily duped. It tolerates fake pages until outside watchdogs call them out. And it’s chosen—in contrast to Twitter—to look past President Trump lying about mail-in ballots or endorsing extrajudicial executions by U.S. troops in U.S. streets.