The health benefits of coffee

NEW YORK — Americans sure love their coffee. Even last spring when the pandemic shut down New York, nearly every neighbourhood shop that sold takeout coffee managed to stay open, and I was amazed at how many people ventured forth to start their stay-at-home days with a favourite store-made brew.


Android devices on older firmware exposed to security vulnerability, warns SingCERT

Android devices running on operating system versions 9.0 and earlier — or about 90 per cent of users — may be exposed to a security vulnerability that could allow attackers to hijack an installed application and gain unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Air fares may rise by more than 50% if social distancing is enforced

Malaysian carriers warn that passengers will likely have to pay over 50 per cent more for air fares if social distancing is imposed on board aircraft in light of Covid-19.

Malaysian Airlines and Malindo Air concurred with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that the proposal to require social distancing among passengers would spike air fares by up to 54 per cent.